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Otago Hunting

Take hunting mallards on large shallow coastal wetlands, add a wild Canada goose chase around braided high country riverbeds and throw in a little upland game upon briar-rose strewn Central Otago hills for good measure. Mix well for a season that can last for 11 months (if you're a dedicated goose chaser) and you have Otago Region's veritable smorgasbord of game bird hunting.

Of course there is pond and riverbank hunting, small stream stalking and evening shooting over grain crops as well. Otago pretty much has it all when it comes to game bird hunting opportunity, all you have to do is get a licence and get out there.  For more Otago game bird hunting information use the Otago Hunting links on the right of this page.

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Otago hunting News

Calling all Otago junior duck hunters

Otago Fish & Game Council has dedicated this Saturday as a special hunting season for young shooters to have a go at Paradise Shelduck.


New Environmental Officer for Otago Fish & Game

The Otago Fish & Game Council has appointed Nigel Paragreen to the role of Environmental Officer, continuing the work of Peter Wilson who moved to the Wellington Fish and Game Council late last year.


Otago Both Barrels Jul 2016

It’s hard to believe this is the end of the main season. Here’s a few tips to bag a few birds and make the best use of your licence.


South Islanders still have a month of duck shooting to go!

Don’t put away the guns just yet; you still have a month to go!

South Island game bird hunters have until the end of July to harvest most Game bird species.

You can shoot until 31 July throughout the island for Grey, Mallard and Shoveller ducks.